Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chai Bird in Tmn Ungku Tun Aminah

It was a rainy day on Saturday, 30th August on the way to J.B. Need to pass 1 Grik taimong and an 8"+ Shama to John. At RM350 for both, sure is a bargain. brought along Apollo 6 for the trip. Just for fun's sake, to "chai" with John's Shama.

On Sunday 31st August, decided to drop by Tmn Ungku Tun Aminah with John and Maureen (John's temple member) to have a look at the "chai" place. Manage to meet up with the club president there, a real hard core Shama enthusiast. Maureen must be bored to death. But John appears happy catching up with his friends and me doing some investigative work.
It seems like Orchid Chin has lost interest in his multiple time champ and sold it off to the club president for RM6k. The Shama was in a bad shape due to neglect and molting at the moment. I am more curious of his (the club president) 13" Shama. He told me he is willing to bring to Batu Pahat for the next comp if I am interested in looking at it (of course its not for sale). According to his description, it would surely be a winner, not because of the tail, but its supposed beautiful play. I certainly am interested to look at it ;)

Bengalese Finch

Tried to take some photos of the pair of Bengalese Finch that I bought for a friend. Something wrong with my camera phone as the images doesn't turn out good.
Anyway, in Macau Pet trading, all his Bengalese has no tail. Decided to buy from Osman. He managed to breed a few birds lately. His Bengalese looks healthier anyway and with their tails all intact.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visitor - Mata Puteh

I have actually forgot my manners. A visitor has been visiting so frequently that I forgot to even offer a cup of water. Decided to rectify the mistake today. Now I have a cup of goodies stuck to the outside of a cage for her.
She was trapped twice in the kitchen when the windows were closed in the evening. Maybe she will become tamer as time goes by. Or just disappeared when she finds a mate to start her own family.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Zeus - White-rumped Shama from Rompin

Zeus had a long journey before coming to me. A 4 year plus bird from Rompin. Travelled to Pekan Nenas and eventually to Melaka. Below is the photo and video of his first day in Melaka.

Visiting White-eye 2

An update of the frequent visiting White-eye. Regretted that I did not tag her for easy identification. But am very sure its the same bird. Not all wild flying White-eyes are as tame as this. She even comes into the kitchen to visit.

Pied Bushchat ( Saxicola caprata )

Was offered this tiny bird. Can see that it is almost completing its molt from juvenile to adult plumage:

Another shot taken on 24th August 2008 after it has settled down somewhat. Still very shy:

Apollo 6 - White-rumped Shama from Endau

This thread will be dedicated to Apollo 6, a first molt Shama from Endau:

Apollo 6 singing at night:

Apollo 6 in the earlier days (dated 6th November 2007):

Sunday, August 10, 2008

RJF chick

This RJF chick has been imprinted with human since birth. He follows people around:

Updated 24th Aug 2008. Growing nicely. Left leg is slightly bent at the toes. Tried setting it straight with plaster but unsuccessful:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Strawberry Finch

Bought 2 pairs of Strawberry Finch for a friend. He only wanted a male and 2 female. So, left a lone male for me to experiment as a songster.

Managed to play with my new toy - small leg bands for finches.
Thanks to a friend who manages to get it for me.
Now at least I can tell the Strawberries apart and isolate the better singer. Shown in the photo are the 3 finches waiting to be collected.

It appears that the males in the shop has lost its breeding plumage which is darker red in colour. Maybe the breeding season is coming to an end?

Decided to band as follows:
Female 1 - left leg pink
Female 2 - left leg yellow
Male 1 - right leg blue

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mata Puteh Flight Cage

Manage to put together a contraption which I shall call a flight enclosure for Mata Puteh. Hope they like it.

Batu Pahat 4

Scene from the Merbah Jambul comp.

Batu Pahat 3

A lone Hwa Mei was spotted there

Batu Pahat 2

Bought some guppies from Xian Leng before leaving for home. Very nice outlet they have there. Saw baby Altum Angels at RM88 each. Had Haruan beehoon soup on the way back in Muar.

Batu Pahat 1

Batu Pahat competition on 3rd August 2008. We were among the first few to arrive. Left Melaka around 7am and reach there before 9am. Competition schedule at 10am.
4 types of birds being competed - Shama (Murai Batu), Magpie Robin (Murai), Red-whiskered Bulbul (Merbah Jambul) and Oriental White-eye (Mata Puteh).

Lawrence's Shama got 12th placing. Mine was too preoccupied trying to fight. Didn't get anything. Overall, not bad for a first outing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

RJF chick

Today 5th August 2008, the first RJF chick hatched.
Placed him in a 1.5 ft acrylic aquarium with candle light as a source of heat. Later in the evening, the candle was replaced with a 5W bulb.