Thursday, July 28, 2011

Serinus Mozambicus

This finch was loan to a friend some time back. Recently I took back possession of it with a view to exchange for another bird which appears to be more interesting.
After hearing it sing, I am now a bit reluctant. Not a great singer, but a nice hardworking one with no major bad habits. Best of all, crosses cage without much fuss.... so unlike most finches that I have come across :D

But then, a deal is a deal ;)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oriental Magpie Robin

Wow! been real busy lately....
many things happening.... picking up skills in setting up a marine tank for my son, planning on what to do with licenses where non was needed not too long ago (prior to Act 712), planning on acquiring of parrots (yikes! precisely the birds I have sworn to avoid :() but necessary for a new project, new products in my portfolio to sell (I do have a job), and lots of reading on the the new yellow colour that is sweeping cyberspace (locally at least).

There is hope for this country yet ;)

Anyway, all that didn't come in the way of me spending a little time trying to pick a good singing magpie out of numerous up for sale.

I will have more time when I completed getting a Yellow Tang my son is pestering me for. But at RM120 each, they better survive more than 24 hours :(