Saturday, May 26, 2012

Serama Specialist

Looks like someone is serious about Serama....
Wonder how much it will cost me to paint my car with a Shama motif ;)

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2nd Clutch (Pt. 2)

Was procrastinating on taking out the chicks and was surprised that one has left the nest. In a panic, I took out all 3 chicks as the father was getting excited at the chicks. That was yesterday....
On a hindsight, I should have just left the chicks be and let the parents raise them. Anyway, this is where experience comes in and its something I lack.

Poor mother was looking all over for her chicks to feed. The up side is that the male also inspected the nest and was seen sitting inside the nest box today followed by the female. Hope there is a 3rd clutch as I really need more chicks for what I am going to do next year....

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

2nd clutch

In a rare move, I took a photo with my camera using a little LED torchlight. There appears to be 3 chicks. Hope they are fine after I invade their privacy.

The breeding male escaped today. So, as any responsible keeper will do, the first thing is to bring out a video. Will upload some video of free flying Shama later when the mood is there.

Update 24th May 2012

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Chicks from 1st clutch

2 surviving chicks from 1st clutch. Size of clutch 4. Estimated date of hatching - 20th Apr. So should be around 30 days old. Eating dry food already.

Credit goes to the many people who assisted me and gave good advise.
Looks like a pair. Been a while since I saw them. Just took home today.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Elephant Graveyard

As a kid, I used to read stories of elephant graveyards. Where mystically elephants that are dying will be lured there to die. Tales from the Arabian Nights pop to mind. What has this got to do with birds?

Last week, another Pink Neck Pigeon decided to call my garden its graveyard. Come on guys! if you keep dying in my garden I may have to cull my own birds if there a a H1N1 scare. Luckily there is no such scare. But why la! can't you die elsewhere. If you have ivory instead of beaks, still ok.....

Sigh! one of those mysteries in life (music from the "Twilight Zone" playing in the background while I type) :(

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Harvest on a rainy day

10 minutes work if done on a rainy day ;)

New Bird Related Place

Wow! Malacca is not a big place, but apparently I have been missing some major interesting spot. Well, anyway I have heard of it in a passing conversation but didn't know they have become operational already.
Met the Curator and Manager and was given a tour of the setup.

The main entrance:

This is going to be interesting. A cafe to hang out and hang birds? Not yet operational but a good concept ;)

A show arena that can seat 800. Currently sea lion and some parrots are on show. A few raccoons.

I am most interested in these enclosures. Made some suggestions to the Manager and he promised to bring it up in the next meeting. This could lead to a one of a kind facility in Malaysia if they can pull it off. And I would be grinning from ear to ear :D

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Progress of chicks

Estimated 12 days old....

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Problem with handfeeding is time....
So off they went to a foster home. An old timer who is retired. Problem with an old timer is, he will probably not listen to my instructions. I know from his facial expression :D

Anyway, that is the best I can do.... ask him to feed guppies, crickets, soaked dog food, liquid calcium, multi vit. But I suppose he will stick to his method mostly..... sigh! as long as the chicks are healthy I suppose.

Sent along with chicks, a singing adult bird as a tutor. Can't separate them from pure Shama songs at a young age right? ;)