Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Old Shama

Its been a while since I last took a photo of this Shama. A wild specimen from Rompin & estimated to be more than 9 years old (6 years with me).
It has just finished molting and form is rising slowly. Didn't realise he has learned the call of Blackie, the crow (in the beginning of video). At 45 seconds into the video, its feathers suddenly tightened which gave him a nicer more slick look. Hope he do well as a tutor to the youngsters :)

In the background singing, is another wild specimen that I have kept for 2 years. That one has been singing from day 3 out of the jungle and went through 2 bad molts. Hopefully the current one is a good molt for him.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Unwelcomed visitors

3rd cat in 3 days.... this contraption is proving to be a good investment ;)

Released some 12km away, I still have this lingering fear that they may find their way home.
To minimise that, the place of release should have a food source & preferably the journey passes a river....