Thursday, July 29, 2010

Java Finch Cages

To facilitate selection of sexes, I would need to isolate the Java Finches. What is the simplest and cost effective way to do it? ....obviously nothing good comes cheap. So, there is no other choices except D.I.Y.

A row of 4 cages that are 9" wide by 9" deep by 9" tall for approximately RM25 (rounded up) & 3 hours labour.... ah! now, gotta make another 2 & where to hang this?

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hwamei - molting

Good to see that molting of the female Hwamei is speeding up. She started first but the male Hwamei has overtaken her and us now growing nice tail feathers. She has now shedded
most of her tail feathers already.

Waiting anxiously for the end of molt so that I can bring the pair out to "jalan-jalan" ;-)

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finding Wild Shamas

Well, I have often heard that the best place to train Shamas is to hang around places with wild Shamas. After making some enquiries, I was told of a place not too far from my home - that is if I do not mind cemeteries ;-)

Ghost is the least of my concern - me thinks. With the horrible things humans can do to each other, I would fear other humans more hehehe!

The road leading to the cemetery - appears lonely....

Found a spot and hang my Shama under a tree just beside some jungle....

Was attacked by swarms of mosquitoes as soon as I hang up my Shama. With the high incidence of dengue near my area, I am taking no chances and retreated to the safety of my car.
My Shama did sing a little but no wild Shama came. Stayed around for half an hour before deciding to call it quits. Maybe another day, I would come again armed with mosquito coils. Incidently, I have tries mosquito repellent before, but it's useless in the jungle. Mosquito coil appears to be most effective.

On the way back, I just realized that a freshly dug grave was just about 50 meters behind me. That could explain the presence of a motorbike not too far from where I was but no owner in sight. Maybe he was just watching curiously at what I am doing ;-)
Otherwise, can't imagine anyone who would brave the swarms of mosquitoes other than the grave diggers :-D (....or a crazy Shama keeper)

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Natural Food for Merbok

Saw a pair of wild Merbok hopping from branch to branch pecking at this tree like monkeys. Quite funny to see. Was thinking Merboks are ground feeders. Hmmmm maybe can pluck the seeds and feed to my Merboks at home ;-)

Wondering what tree is this ?

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kucing Puaka - the finale

The cat from hell has struck again. This time mauling a white Java Sparrow. Blood was all over but it lasted another 3 days, feeding & bathing before succumbing to the injuries.

OK, a cat may have 9 lives, but I would think that by now he would have used up all 9 of them. So, I would write this post as if this is the last time I would hear of this "kucing puaka". Surely this would have been my 10th attempt at assasinating this devil. Which incidently was caught eyeing Apollo X yesterday. Well, guess what demon, maybe in your next life muahahaha!

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Nest Box for Java Finch Pt. 2

Received half the shipment of nest boxes today (Sunday). Wow! Where am I going to store all of them :-\
Quite nicely made, with a screw on perch. Hope the finches like them :-)

Now, if I ever abondon the project, wonder whether, fire wood still got market ;-)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prices of Fruits

A friend highlighted to me the exorbitant escalating prices of daily essentials - which means papayas and bananas for those who keep the bulbul type of birds ;-)

In KL, he was ripped off by an old lady who sold papaya to him at RM5 per kilo. I do not have the habit of enquiring about prices before, so I really got no idea. Prices will defer between big city, small towns and villages. In KL, local papayas are between RM3 to RM5, I was told. Possibly cheaper if you care to hunt around a bit.

Today, I enquired the price per kilo of papaya from the makcik (a respectful term used to address an old lady). "Mahal nak! sekarang" (expensive) she said. So, I braced myself for the bad news.

Turns out to be RM1.80 per kilo and I sighed with relief. I usually buy two, one ripe one and another semi ripe so that the birds can eat them all in time before it gets rotten. And I don't have to visit the fruit stall too often.

I suppose, I could get better bargains if I buy the semi rotten ones from the fruit sellers, but the smell and mess is not worth the trouble.

I did not enquire about the per kilo price of banana after that. But the below bunch of banana which is called "pisang nipah" locally is RM2.50. Don't know the weight. Can't complain as I am competing with the local goreng pisang sellers (fried banana) for it as it's very in demand by them

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hand feeding the seedeaters

Acquired a pair of young merboks (wild specie) and now hand feeding them. Never hand fed seedeaters before. Luckily they are quite big already and appears healthy.

Used the special handfeeding formula used by parrot breeders. Should be suitable and nutritionally complete as they are seed eaters too ???
Anyway, made them into small pellets and air dried them so they turn into convenient little packages that I intend to feed much like how traditionally mung beans are fed to such doves.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nest Box for Java Finch

Partially completed nest box for the Java Finch. Commissioned 30 of these to be made. Hope they are suitable for the purpose - which is producing 100 chicks per month muahahaha!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

What a Mess - molting

I have heard many friends complaining about watery droppings before. I was never too bothered by it though. Maybe because my Hwameis and Staw-headed Bulbul never seems to have dry droppings hahaha! Now, I shall crack my head and try different concoctions to address this troublesome and messy manifestation.

Which incidently, the below is the amount of mess created by my molting Male Hwamei. He got the habit of playing with the paper liners. Most people seems to be of the opinion that a Hwamei would become "jadi" after a molt in captivity. Anyway, I am keeping my fingers crossed that "most people" are correct ;-)

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Green Tree Snake?

I don't know the name of this green tree snake yet but googling up the description (green tree snake) shows a different specie. Anyway, it is what it is...... a green tree snake.
When a I was still a young boy, one such specimen dropped down from a tree not a few feet from me. Then I observed it stretching up towards the branches to get up back to the tree. Ever since then I have an uneasy feeling standing under a tree :-D

Didn't know it can be tamed and played with. Below is an encounter with a friend's pet.
The birds appear to tolerate its presence. Normally perched on the fence, table (when his daughter does homework) or anywhere convenient if it's not inside the glass aquarium.

Beautiful fella but still looks skinny to me.

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