Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finding Wild Shamas

Well, I have often heard that the best place to train Shamas is to hang around places with wild Shamas. After making some enquiries, I was told of a place not too far from my home - that is if I do not mind cemeteries ;-)

Ghost is the least of my concern - me thinks. With the horrible things humans can do to each other, I would fear other humans more hehehe!

The road leading to the cemetery - appears lonely....

Found a spot and hang my Shama under a tree just beside some jungle....

Was attacked by swarms of mosquitoes as soon as I hang up my Shama. With the high incidence of dengue near my area, I am taking no chances and retreated to the safety of my car.
My Shama did sing a little but no wild Shama came. Stayed around for half an hour before deciding to call it quits. Maybe another day, I would come again armed with mosquito coils. Incidently, I have tries mosquito repellent before, but it's useless in the jungle. Mosquito coil appears to be most effective.

On the way back, I just realized that a freshly dug grave was just about 50 meters behind me. That could explain the presence of a motorbike not too far from where I was but no owner in sight. Maybe he was just watching curiously at what I am doing ;-)
Otherwise, can't imagine anyone who would brave the swarms of mosquitoes other than the grave diggers :-D (....or a crazy Shama keeper)

- Time you enjoy wasting wasn't wasted -

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