Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prices of Fruits

A friend highlighted to me the exorbitant escalating prices of daily essentials - which means papayas and bananas for those who keep the bulbul type of birds ;-)

In KL, he was ripped off by an old lady who sold papaya to him at RM5 per kilo. I do not have the habit of enquiring about prices before, so I really got no idea. Prices will defer between big city, small towns and villages. In KL, local papayas are between RM3 to RM5, I was told. Possibly cheaper if you care to hunt around a bit.

Today, I enquired the price per kilo of papaya from the makcik (a respectful term used to address an old lady). "Mahal nak! sekarang" (expensive) she said. So, I braced myself for the bad news.

Turns out to be RM1.80 per kilo and I sighed with relief. I usually buy two, one ripe one and another semi ripe so that the birds can eat them all in time before it gets rotten. And I don't have to visit the fruit stall too often.

I suppose, I could get better bargains if I buy the semi rotten ones from the fruit sellers, but the smell and mess is not worth the trouble.

I did not enquire about the per kilo price of banana after that. But the below bunch of banana which is called "pisang nipah" locally is RM2.50. Don't know the weight. Can't complain as I am competing with the local goreng pisang sellers (fried banana) for it as it's very in demand by them

- Time you enjoy wasting wasn't wasted -

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