Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wild Zebra Dove pt 1

This New Year day, first thing in the morning I rescued this chick from becoming the breakfast of a cat. It must have fledged recently but not a strong flyer. Its a wrong time to be out. The weather is mostly windy and wet. Decided to keep it and nurse it. 

I always had emergency stock of hand feeding formula in the fridge for emergencies like this. But I am never good at feeding with a syringe & moist formula. So, I did what I had done once before. I made the formula into small kibbles and air dry them. This way I can hand feed just like feeding merboks mung beans. 

The above is how it looks like. That should be enough for the day.

Its hard to estimate the correct amount, so I have some extra which I filled it in a syringe and pump out some to dry. When its dry, I intend to crumble them into pellets to see whether the finches will eat them. Waste not is the motto.... ;)