Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sourcing for froglets

There are actually many species of frogs. So, when I bought some today, I couldn't help but wonder which species I am getting & whether they are appropriate or not to be consumed by Shamas.

Below are RM20 worth of froglets. I was told it's cheap. Anyway, supply is erratic. I am not too dependent on it. Now, must breed my own wild guppies ;-)

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Bathing Birds

Bathing birds has become a chore that not every birds get their bath daily. Been trying a wire mesh cage that is 2ft wide, 2ft long & 3ft high that I can leave the birds in for a few hours to exercise and bath.

Bath cage version 1 appears to be well accepted. Now, when I get rid of my pest problem (kucing puaka), I may be able to use it (bath cage) daily without worrying too much.

For whatever it is worth, I acknowledge "kucing puaka's" right to exist and has promised to leave him be (after many failed attempts) if he leaves my pets alone. Alas it will never be - the cat preys on tiny "tweety birds" since time immemorial. Just too much to ask.
Lately he ha knocked down my diamond dove hybrid's cage twice and harass my Java Sparrows countless times and knocked down once. One attempt to get at my other two female Shamas.
This cat from hell has to go, but I have yet to find a way. A potent brew that was purportedly capable of killing an elephant was given at quarter dose on two ocassions (eaten), spiked milk was untouched...... this cat is bringing the worst out of me...... now I understand why in some countries, the domestic cat is creating havoc to the wildlife population.

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Friday, June 18, 2010


Worst than a dozen cats as pests is a monkey. This macaque has been too friendly a neighbour that pre-emptive measure becomes inevitable. Bad sign of nearby habitat destruction. It must have been lost and wandered into human housing areas looking for food.

I suppose there are not much food around as even frightened while being captured in a trap, it managed to find time to finish off half an apple placed in the cage as bait and a banana that was shoved into the cage by my domestic helper while waiting for my next course of action.

Being loaded into my car for release somewhere nearby......

Chosen this spot not too far away from my home. Ruled out releasing it in the forest reserve nearby as there are already groups of monkeys there and being territorial creatures, this lone fella does not stand much of a chance. After discussing with a friend, decided on this spot as there are no known colony here and there are sources of food around......

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Zebra Dove

Hatched on 31st August 2009 which coincides with the Malaysian independence day. For lack of a more suitable name, this bird shall be named Merdeka. Merdeka has been quiet most its growing time and recently been busy cooing softly. Sounds better than its father to my untrained ears. Unsure whether it's a male or female. Its the only bird I kept from my own breeding of a single pair last year. Nothing like raising your own doves and see their development.

Thought of giving up on breeding Zebra Doves, but was presented a pair a couple of weeks ago. An "A" male with a "B" female. Will have to think of a better alternative to keep the chicks later. A low maintenance method ;-)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Molted Mealworms

Managed to get a fair bit of molted mealworms (> 20) daily from a RM2 worth of stock lately. Tips on worm culture can be followed in......

Molted mealworms

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Merbok Pair

Looks like I can never get rid of Merboks in my life. Just took out a pair and a friend offered me another. Anyway he said it's worth testing as it's a pair from a famous breeder from Sitiawan.

So today I took the pair and house them in a teak cage (meant for chicken).

ISK 041 + ABON 839 - got to get used to record keeping. Which is male & which is female, I did not ask ;-)

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Diamond Dove hybrid

Took in another odd bird from the shop today. A diamond dove crossed with Thai Zebra Dove. Came out Diamond Dove size with Zebra Dove markings.

Would have been great to have it the other way around. Zebra Dove size with Diamond Dove colouration.

Anyway, I would be more interested in listening to it's song. Wonder if this little fella would call with the Thai "kong". That would be a blast ;-)

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simple Mini Aviaries for Shamas

Today while driving around town, decided to experiment a little on mini aviaries for Shamas. Drop by a hardware store and purchased a role of wire mesh that has a rubber coating. The galvanised ones are badly manufactured nowadays.

Do not know how many of such aviaries I can construct with one role. So far 12 feet used up to make one that is 3 feet high, 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

Yet to construct the door.... will probably make it to normal Shama cage height so that the birds can be easily transfered to and from such cages. Took roughly about 3 hours from cutting to bending the wires...... hmmmmm better keep my day job :-D

Plan to construct another two more to keep the females borrowed from a friend.

Advantage of such contraptions are : Lightweight - easy to carry around, relocate etc. Strong - compared to bamboo or wood, it is much stronger weight for weight. Maintenance - easy maintenance as seen in the final pic which incidently housed 3 females that belongs to a friend.

- Time you enjoy wasting wasn't wasted -

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Found this dog in a friend's house in Kuala Pilah. He didn't know where the dog is from. Given by his friend, a litter of 2 puppies. Looks like a Telomian. Not many Malays keep dogs. He is one of them.
Hmmm...... wonder how pure is the dog's bloodline.

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