Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Diamond Dove hybrid

Took in another odd bird from the shop today. A diamond dove crossed with Thai Zebra Dove. Came out Diamond Dove size with Zebra Dove markings.

Would have been great to have it the other way around. Zebra Dove size with Diamond Dove colouration.

Anyway, I would be more interested in listening to it's song. Wonder if this little fella would call with the Thai "kong". That would be a blast ;-)

- Time you enjoy wasting wasn't wasted -


Lac Viet. said...

This hybrid Diamond Zebra dove is from Zebra dove father and Diamond dove mother? or the other way around? Have you hear its song yet? I might acquire a pair of zebra dove soon and can't wait to explore the new world of this kind of bird.

dance4rain said...

Hi Lac Viet,
I shall check with the breeder later and let you know. Doves are easy to care for and appears to be very hardy birds. Good luck in your new soon to be addition to the avian family.

The hybrid has yet to sing. I was told by seller that he suspects its a female ;-)