Saturday, February 18, 2012

Moving stock

When someone offered to help me house some of my birds, I just jumped at the chance. A chance to reduce stock. What else could I ask for hahaha!

Now I got more room to experiment on certain things that is on my mind ;)
2 pair of Homing Pigeons and 5 Serama Chickens went to the farm. Ah! what a relief....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well, there is this thing about people collecting Hard Rock Cafe & Planet Hollywood T-shirts. Maybe I should start collecting T-shirts from all the branches of our Wildlife Department ;)

Fortunately, not all of them produce T-shirts for the public :D

Friday, February 10, 2012

Red-whiskered Bulbuls

On the pretex of building a structure for my mom's grape vine, I got myself extra place to hang my Jambuls hehehe! very clever of me ;)
Here are 2 of my Jambuls - videos taken in the evening, moments before I fully cloth them for the day :)

Then there is the pole meant for doves which can accommodate another one or two Jambuls.

Some on the patio.... with the twin zipper cloth that is handy in blocking its view of the birds on the left and right....

This one gets to be covered.... a Jambul that has a wild nature. I left him for more than a month in a busy bird shop hoping that it would calm down a little bit. If it works, the effect is only marginal :)
His cage cloth is very thin, so against the light, I can clearly see him :)

Having problem trying not to let them see each other throughout the day. Time to seriously consider stock reduction.... but... but... but... what about the other 3 Jambuls on the way here :D
I am way over my head here :(

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Micro Squirrels

African Pygmy Dormouse a.k.a. Micro squirrel. My 1st attempt at housing them ;)

Hope it is escape proof....

Branches salvaged from those meant for the Jambul cages & cheap ash trays makes good and heavy plates for food & water.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Emergency Food for Sick Birds

I bought some emergency food meant for very sick birds a few months ago. I was hoping it would be expired without a chance to use it. Well, I had a chance to test it 2 days ago due to my negligence.

My new Shama has just started learning to eat pellets.... or so I thought. So, I became careless and forgot to feed his live food ration for the 2nd half of the day. The next morning it was on the cage floor and was very weak. Even the head was all twisted backwards. From experience, this bird is a sure gonner :(

Remembering my emergency supplies, I started the mixture.... 3g powder to 1.5ml water was the instruction. And so carefully fed the Shama. Problem is there is no exact instruction of how much to feed a Shama. So, I fed what I thought was the right amount, one or two mouthful. Swallowing was difficult.
Its condition yo-yo up and down, as when it became stronger, it struggled hard not to be fed. But finally after 24 hours, its condition stabled and was able to eat by itself. Was seen on the perch.... and another12 hours later was flying all over the cage.

Sigh! what a close call & a very valuable experience ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Was offered a pair of this rodent few days ago. Thought why not.... since a lot of people thought that I am running a zoo, might as well indulge them hahaha!