Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kucing Puaka - an update

For the righteous out there, the devilish cat is still alive. I have since accepted the fact that cats are also in the "food chain" scheme of things andhave since stop trying to kill it. In another time and place, maybe we could have been good friends (the cat & me la). But for now, if he keep his distance & only limit his raids to the dog food, there shall be peace ;-)

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Raptor Watch

With a new toy in hand, off I went on a raptor watch. These migrants have been arriving on our shores since 2 months ago. Just wanted to see what they were doing inland. Location - Kuala Pilah.

Didn't see any raptors at the selected site, though some were spotted along my way to Bahau.
Saw 2 interesting Woodpeckers and heard an interesting song of an unknown bird.


Saw a very nice 8" Shama (dark feet) - maybe when I get some recording gears in place, I will try to archive songs of the wild Shamas for my library ;-)
Meanwhile.... just observing birds in the wild seems to be quite fun.

Next stop - "Bukit Lang" (can't confirm whether its a real name or local given name) in Merlimau.

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Friday, November 12, 2010


Interesting little lizards. Seems like they are in demand at the moment.
Will try to get one or two to see what the fuss is all about :-D

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

J.B. Competition

It was a last minute decision. I actually wanted to go to Muar on Sunday just for a "chai" session but was informed that the guys would be away to J.B. for a competition. After thinking long and har (like a minute ;-)), I decided to head towards J.B. too.

Well, at least I confirm a few things. Don't go unprepared (hahaha! didn't get any prizes but I think I shall start training my Shamas beginning next Sunday before I dump them in the midst of fierce and angry birds :-\

Judging from attendance, Jambuls still take the top spot in popularity......

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