Sunday, November 14, 2010

Raptor Watch

With a new toy in hand, off I went on a raptor watch. These migrants have been arriving on our shores since 2 months ago. Just wanted to see what they were doing inland. Location - Kuala Pilah.

Didn't see any raptors at the selected site, though some were spotted along my way to Bahau.
Saw 2 interesting Woodpeckers and heard an interesting song of an unknown bird.


Saw a very nice 8" Shama (dark feet) - maybe when I get some recording gears in place, I will try to archive songs of the wild Shamas for my library ;-)
Meanwhile.... just observing birds in the wild seems to be quite fun.

Next stop - "Bukit Lang" (can't confirm whether its a real name or local given name) in Merlimau.

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