Sunday, November 30, 2008

In memory of a fantastic pet bird

Today is a sad day for me. The bird that never fails to greet me when I wake up, when I came home, when I step out of the door has died a terrible death in the fangs of a cat. Seems like my verbal warning has not been heeded by them and a war has been declared.
This shrike which I didn't came to naming yet is the second casualty after the zebra dove yesterday.

Anyway, I wish to post a few photos of him as a tribute to him, a special bird.
Unfortunately I did not have time to take photos of him flying outside in the garden, from trees to trees.

You would be deeply missed, my dear friend :(
Rest in peace.... may you have better luck in your afterlife......

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Interesting Merbok Cross

This is an interesting cross of the Zebra Dove.

Zebra Dove with Diamond Dove.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Escaped Birds

I have birds escaped before. Often they come back if they have been kept for some months at least. Today a newly acquired Golden-fronted Leafbird escaped. Hope to be able to get him back. Later, the shrike also escaped. But being kept for 2 moltings already, it was apiece of cake getting him back. The only trick is to find him hehehe!

In about one hour plus time, I saw the shrike by the gate. Quickly caught a roach and drop into his cage and eventually he found his way in. Phew! one less homeless bird to worry about.

It sets me thinking though...... maybe time to give the shrike some free-flying time. Will work out how to go about it by Wednesday.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Merbok Song Competition

Merbok Competition in Melaka on 16th Nov 2008:

D.I.Y. Puyuh cage

A standard D.I.Y. cage to keep quails. Often the top is made of nettings as quails have a habbit of launching themselves upwards.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Trap for Quail

This trap is beautifully done. Crafted in Thailand.
Meant to trap "puyuh" or the quails. I am surprised that the carvings made it look like a grand door entrance to a house. For most birds, traps tend to be made to look natural or blend into the environment. These quail traps appears to the contrary.

Front view:

With the trap door held open, ready to be activated:

Finely woven back dome to house the "pikat":

Wild Mata Putehs

This wild Mata Puteh nearly killed my birds by eating too much and depriving the caged birds of food. Very difficult decision to make. Will try to make a feeding station for the wild Putehs.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zosterops in the Garden

2 friends dropped by today unannounced. Wanted to admire some of my collections. Must say that they are mesmerised by the number of species if not the number of birds. Seriously must make a mental note to reduce species and numbers. Anyway, noticed 4 Zosterops in the garden once I hang my own 2 birds out in the garden. Managed to capture them with my camera phone. They were not the least shy even with 3 adult humans observing them few feet away.

One of the reasons why I do not like "bird kakis" to visit unannounced. Lest they know the existence of this small family of Zosterops who frequent my place.

Highlighted below:

Sling Bag for Chicken

Hmmmm! must get one of these contraption. Great way to bring a chicken for a walk ;)

Do not know where to buy one. Has been asking around. Seems like its not a new invention, but was sold some time back (according to a shop in Ulu Tiram). Now do not carry such stocks. Maybe have to D.I.Y.