Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bird Traps - review Pt. 2

The second trap I showcased earlier was a meant to trap small bulbuls e.g. the Yellow-vented bulbuls, Stripe-throated bulbuls etc.
Shown below is the trap concerned.

"A" is a metal hook holding the trap open. The trap door or rather, net in this case is powered by spring. When the bird lands on the perch "B", it triggers a string that pulls down the hook "A" and thus releasing the trap which will spring into place as below.

The perch "B" is angled too steeply because the string broke and I redid the string hastily. It could and should be rectified.
The flaw in the design is the cup like bottom ("C") that will invite the birds to perch on the side rather than the triggering perch. To rectify it, the cup needs to be camouflage with leaves. Most birds will not perch on leaves and therefore the trigger perch would become the only option.
The advantage of the design is also the cup like bottom which accords more space for the trapped bird.

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