Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trapping Birds

Recently 3 merbok pikat made their way to my house. One of them, reputedly caught between 80 to 100 birds. In the handler's own words - "at least 80 and possibly more than 100". I have heard of this pikat 2 years ago when he is just beginning to be trained and started to catch 1 or 2 birds. It has come a long way from those days.


I actually am not too interested in trapping birds to keep. So, a friend once asked me why am I collecting pikat birds. Lets just make a twist to an old saying "a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush". Just knowing that I can get the 2 in the bush if I wanted too is a fulfilling and powerful thought to have ;)

Hahahaha! anyway, I have yet to pass my conscience when trapping birds. Always, I would have a picture in my mind of young chicks eagerly (and hungrily) waiting for their parents to return to feed them. Which is why I am not too eager to trap and keep them. I normally release them on the spot, so that they could return to their life. Maybe with a little ruffled feathers and sometimes with a leg ring attached.

Of course there are exceptions. If I wanted to, I only trap 1 bird, so that the other partner is free. And I try to make sure its the male (anyway that's what most people are interested in) as the female would make better single parent than the male I suppose. Or the odd solo bird like the latest Mata Puteh in my collection. He (confirmed male) came alone and since I have vacancy for 1 Puteh, so, its his bad luck :D

Over time, kind friends have taught me many methods of catching birds. Some too elaborate (read: too much work), some methods downright simple to the point of unethical. But I always like the idea of training a pikat to lure the wild birds. At least some form of skills and luck needed here.

Pikat from Chong:

Pikat from Sri Petaling:

I think I have to declare full house as far as Merboks are concerned.

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