Thursday, April 9, 2009

Training of a Shama

I was told the quickest way to make a Shama sing and become fierce is to periodically expose him to the wild Shama. It seems they get real angry seeing one of their kind flying around and singing.

I am trying out a second alternative. If you can't find a wild Shama, create one hehehe!

Step 1: get a potential candidate. It must be tame and not easily spooked.

Step 2: get him used to being outside his cage

Step 3: get him to learn how to re enter his cage. I find this a bit tricky unless I design a perch to be installed in front of the door hmmm......

Step 4: haven't reach here yet ;)

This is Step 1:

This is Step 2:

Eventually the plan is to get him used to getting in and out of his cage and then bring in the Shamas to be trained (those inside cages). The free flying one outside the cage is the "fake" wild bird ;)
Wonder whether it will work? Should work in theory.


Taiki Shisei Kenpo said...

I love your blog!
Keep it up!
Greetings from Holland, Europe


dance4rain said...

Thanks for your kind words ;)
You have a great blog yourself....
Hmmm.... the art of self defence. Gotta learn more from you ;)