Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bird Traps - review Pt. 1

What began as a "syok sendiri" (self amusement) blog, actually have readers hahaha!
OK, this is what I owes a reader. More in-depth look into the bird traps available in this region of the world. But also bear in mind that a lot of traps are custom made, so there may probably be one of its kind only in the world ;)

To start with, let me write a little bit on the mechanism of traps for ground birds (most often the Barred buttonquail and White-breasted waterhen), the disadvantages of the ones I have and the thought that goes behind the design.

"A" is a metal rod, for the purpose of falling down and locking the trap door.
"B" is a thin rod protruding out through the top (from a sheath of small metal tube) with the purpose of holding the trap door open.
"C" is a pedal that will trigger "B" when stepped on by the bird. The trap door is operated by sheer gravity power, helped by the weight of rod "A"

The above is how it looks like after closing its trap door. Notice rod "A" has fallen and acted as a lock to secure the trap door. The advantage of this design is a space is available in a small section after the trap door is triggered.

Disadvantage lies in the open back and side which will make the tame bird acting as a lure inside visible. So the wild bird may come from other sides as well. The only way to rectify this is to weave the side and back to block its view.

A bigger image will appear by clicking on the pictures.

It is a design base on the trap I showcased earlier on

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