Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yellow-fronted Puteh

The Yellow-fromted Puteh left my home to be returned to the trapper. Most people is of the opinion that I have been conned. Anyway, at least I do not have to live with the bad conscience.

Thought I capture a few shots for records purposes. At least on record, how a "mystical" pet bird would "look" like ;)

The Yellow-fronted Puteh

A video shot......

Friday, January 30, 2009

Of Superstition and such matters

The story unfolds about one week before Chinese New Year when I was offered a newly caught Mata Puteh that has a patch of yellow feathers on his head. The photo above did not do enough justice to the striking yellow patch. Initially I thought it is a Zosterop Palpebrosa, but then again, the patch is too big and it was caught together with a flock of clear Everettes. Anyway, specie identification is not the story here ......

Yesterday, got a call from the trapper and he was telling me he has been having a series of dreams (nightmares more like it). His father has consulted with a Malay traditional healer (commonly referred as a bomoh) and he was asked whether he took anything unique from the jungle. The only unique things that crossed his mind was the Yellow-fronted Mata Puteh (so named by me after the beautiful Yellow-fronted Amazon Parrots ;)). He wanted me to return the bird to him so that he could release it back to the place he trapped it.

Two things crossed my mind:
1) he is telling the truth
2) he has found a buyer offering more money and its just a story to get back the bird

Anyway, whatever it is, I have agreed to give him back the bird. It would be great mental torture for him if indeed his story is true.

Now, just wondering whether I would have nightmares tonight since he is only picking up the bird tomorrow evening ......

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Straw-headed Bulbul

I have crossed path with the Straw-headed Bulbuls many times. A funny plain looking dove size bird. I wasn't impressed. It didn't help that they are loud, need a license to keep and eat fruits (messy). I have stayed away from these birds as much as possible.

Few days ago, we crossed path again. I think I should give them a chance. They are quite vulnerable for extinction, I would presume, with the ease of which these birds are being caught. Actually the local demand for these birds isn't that worrying, what with the loud noise, license requirements and such. Plus the fact that this bird is not actively competed in competitions. It would have put off many people and drawn much attention when kept in places with people living in close proximity. Demand from oversea is the factor that is driving the price upwards.

Cutting the story short, I have secured a pair for a friend and a male for myself. And am continuing to buy whatever this trapper can spare and resell to friends. At least this way, they stay in Malaysia. Eventually I will try to breed this bird. In fact I would make it my 2009 resolution.

Lets see how it goes......

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stock Check

Well, the festive season is just round the corner. When most business organisations do a periodic stock check, so must I, to be more manageable.

Lets see......
1) Quail returned to the wild
2) Rompin juvenile Shama returned to owner
3) Spotted dove to be returned (as in video below) to owner (next week)

4) 2 Zebra doves

Less 5 birds to worry about, this coming Chinese New Year my home would look less like a bird park hahahaha!

As to the bird food, I tried a new instant variant last week because the raw ingredients are out of stock and I have to disappear for a few days for a meeting.
Pounded some dog biscuits and mix with chicken feed (50% mix). Next time, I would use the blender to save some labour ;)

When I came back yesterday, 2 birds (1 Magpie & 1 Shama) is in various stages of molting. Due to the food? I must presume not as the Shama has been showing sign of beginning a molt. Anyway 2 out of so many is just not statistically significant :)