Friday, January 30, 2009

Of Superstition and such matters

The story unfolds about one week before Chinese New Year when I was offered a newly caught Mata Puteh that has a patch of yellow feathers on his head. The photo above did not do enough justice to the striking yellow patch. Initially I thought it is a Zosterop Palpebrosa, but then again, the patch is too big and it was caught together with a flock of clear Everettes. Anyway, specie identification is not the story here ......

Yesterday, got a call from the trapper and he was telling me he has been having a series of dreams (nightmares more like it). His father has consulted with a Malay traditional healer (commonly referred as a bomoh) and he was asked whether he took anything unique from the jungle. The only unique things that crossed his mind was the Yellow-fronted Mata Puteh (so named by me after the beautiful Yellow-fronted Amazon Parrots ;)). He wanted me to return the bird to him so that he could release it back to the place he trapped it.

Two things crossed my mind:
1) he is telling the truth
2) he has found a buyer offering more money and its just a story to get back the bird

Anyway, whatever it is, I have agreed to give him back the bird. It would be great mental torture for him if indeed his story is true.

Now, just wondering whether I would have nightmares tonight since he is only picking up the bird tomorrow evening ......

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