Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stock Check

Well, the festive season is just round the corner. When most business organisations do a periodic stock check, so must I, to be more manageable.

Lets see......
1) Quail returned to the wild
2) Rompin juvenile Shama returned to owner
3) Spotted dove to be returned (as in video below) to owner (next week)

4) 2 Zebra doves

Less 5 birds to worry about, this coming Chinese New Year my home would look less like a bird park hahahaha!

As to the bird food, I tried a new instant variant last week because the raw ingredients are out of stock and I have to disappear for a few days for a meeting.
Pounded some dog biscuits and mix with chicken feed (50% mix). Next time, I would use the blender to save some labour ;)

When I came back yesterday, 2 birds (1 Magpie & 1 Shama) is in various stages of molting. Due to the food? I must presume not as the Shama has been showing sign of beginning a molt. Anyway 2 out of so many is just not statistically significant :)

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