Sunday, November 30, 2008

In memory of a fantastic pet bird

Today is a sad day for me. The bird that never fails to greet me when I wake up, when I came home, when I step out of the door has died a terrible death in the fangs of a cat. Seems like my verbal warning has not been heeded by them and a war has been declared.
This shrike which I didn't came to naming yet is the second casualty after the zebra dove yesterday.

Anyway, I wish to post a few photos of him as a tribute to him, a special bird.
Unfortunately I did not have time to take photos of him flying outside in the garden, from trees to trees.

You would be deeply missed, my dear friend :(
Rest in peace.... may you have better luck in your afterlife......


DuongTM said...

Hi Dance4Rain,

Greatly understanding.

The same happened to me last year.

Anonymous said...


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