Friday, February 10, 2012

Red-whiskered Bulbuls

On the pretex of building a structure for my mom's grape vine, I got myself extra place to hang my Jambuls hehehe! very clever of me ;)
Here are 2 of my Jambuls - videos taken in the evening, moments before I fully cloth them for the day :)

Then there is the pole meant for doves which can accommodate another one or two Jambuls.

Some on the patio.... with the twin zipper cloth that is handy in blocking its view of the birds on the left and right....

This one gets to be covered.... a Jambul that has a wild nature. I left him for more than a month in a busy bird shop hoping that it would calm down a little bit. If it works, the effect is only marginal :)
His cage cloth is very thin, so against the light, I can clearly see him :)

Having problem trying not to let them see each other throughout the day. Time to seriously consider stock reduction.... but... but... but... what about the other 3 Jambuls on the way here :D
I am way over my head here :(

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I am new to raising Jambul. I have one young one, and am considering another. They should remain seperation and not allowed sight of each other. Correct.
I look forward to hearing back