Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kekek - my Jambul Pt.2/2

I wonder whether he will be ready for a competition on 6th Dec.
I wonder whether he is in good form yet....
I think I will stick to the tall cage despite its handicap (another way of saying, I am too lazy to transfer him back to a square cage hahaha!)

Well, there is always another 2 more candidate at home if this fella doesn't cut the mark :D


NewJambuls said...

Hello dance4rain,

I am very new to this songbird hobby. I googled for Jambul and found your blog. A friend gave me a Jambul recently and it seems a bit wild. Very jittery, dashes about the cage and refuses to bathe, whether in the bathing cage or with a tub of water in its cage. It seems very fearful. I wonder if its because I caught it my hand three times - once to transfer it into a box. Second time to transfer it to the cage from the box. Third time was when I tried to introduce it to the bathing cage but it refused to go inside.

I have another jambul. Its more steady but it doesn't bathe also. I tried bathing cage and a tub of water in its cage. Neither worked.

Both are eating. I feed them with meal worms, jambul feed & apples.

I hang them next to the dining room where there is a lot of human traffic.

Yet it seems the birds are not settling down.

Is it so difficult to keep jambuls?

dance4rain said...

This is not the place for advise and such. I too am a newbie. A discussion forum is what you should be looking for.

Anyway, birds come with many characters and habits, so it may be more difficult to teach some birds to bath than others. Letting them see other birds that enjoy bathing may help. Otherwise, its all patience - put them back in their cage without bathing if thats what they decide. Eventually they will bath one day ;)

I find difficulty taming Jambuls as well. Dropping a mealworm or two in his cups by hand everyday may help. Place fruits in its cage while the bird is still inside will also let them make the association of you and food so that they will get accustom to you sooner.

I gave up trying to tame them and concentrate on keeping them in good form. When their form is good, naturally they become less wild.

Happy bird keeping......