Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sharing a cage

An old photo I found of an Oriental White Eye which I tried to release but keep on visiting back ;-)


Ajib said...

Hi Sir, I think ur the person that Im looking for. can u help me please, how can I start my own shama.I mean My friend told me, wild caught shama difficult to survive because the Shamas don't want to eat the food. More than 10 Shamas gone because of this situation(experience of friend). I chose to have Shama from wild caught because the cost. Honestly, the Shama price at the pet shops here(Sabah) just too damn expensive for me. You responds will be my pleasure sir.

dance4rain said...

Hi Ajib, I see that you too are in the Malaysia Bird Forum.... the answers are there. Many good experienced people that can help you.

As for me, I use mostly cut up crickets mixed with dry food to slowly teach a wild shama to eat. In the initial day or two, don't worry too much, just give more live food.

I feed twice a day and it appears sufficient. To be very sure, check in between feeding to make sure that some crickets are still available. In place of crickets, you may use mealworms, earthworms or cockroaches.