Thursday, June 16, 2011

Treating swollen eye

I have been lucky thus far. I have not encountered eye problem in Shamas throughout the years. Finally it has to happen. So, after consulting my friendly neighbourhood doctor, we decided to give chloramphenicol eye ointment a go.The problem:

The medication:

Will see how it goes......

Day 2 (17/6)......


Akmalhazwan said...


just wondering.. is it the same case of swollen eyes that usually happened to turkey poults and chicks?

if yes, the traditional way to cure it is by using the used cooking oil, added with some chilli powder or "cili boh". mix both ingredients and rub it to its eye.

i've tried it to my chickens and surprisingly it worked.

some said human medication also can be used. terramycin.

just wanna share something. maybe its right or maybe not. please correct my if i'm wrong. =)

dance4rain said...

Thanks for sharing ;-)
Another traditional way is to use the juice of onions to drip on the eye. But I choose modern medications not because it is more effective, but because it is easier to control. Yes, Terramycin is a good alternative :-)