Monday, August 22, 2011

Bird Breeding Project

During a meeting with the land owner, I suggested that we abandon our initial plan. "Let's ececute Plan B", I said.
Obviously the reply must be "what is Plan B?".

Honestly I was not sure myself hahaha!
But then cooking up something in the split of a second is nothing new to me. Not in a cunning or sneaky way, but there are just too many plans in my head at any one time. So, sorting out some to meet the occassion appears feasible.

Anyway, plan accepted and now I have to plan for myself.... a bird farm!
A Barau Sanctuary and a Shama breeding facility to be precise is at the core. ;)

The workers' quarters....

the landing strip for my Homing Pigeons? or a "chai" arena for the Jambuls? I have yet to decide....


Anonymous said...

Hi Yap,

I can only drool at the huge space you will have for breeding Barau Barau.

Go for it, and congrats!


Jeff said...

Hi Mr Yap,

Great News...we have been waiting this since 2004 (the Perhilitan freeze the licencing)

Congratulation ^ ^

Jeff Leong
Kuala Lumpur