Sunday, November 20, 2011

Keeping Jambuls

Ever since news of the license requirements for Jambuls has been lifted, thousands have flocked into our local market. There are signs that it is only the beginning. Even today, in a Merbok competition, many traders were seen selling Jambuls, its cages & accessories. Could it & would it give the Merbok a serious challenge as the most kept songbird in Malaysia? Some said it has already done so in Thailand.... only time will tell & I am betting on the Jambuls for various reasons ;)

This is me jumping on the bandwagon.... and this is only part of my collections hehehe!

There are some experiments I am suppose to start. And part of it is to understand the birds better ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Yap,

I see, you are having a new twist to your old hobby, should be a lot of fun. Wish I could join you ;)

So, did any of your French chicken egg hatch out successfully?


dance4rain said...

Hi Kee,
This hobby has been twisting and turning like a snake hahaha!
That way, it is always refreshing and entertaining. But like they say, Jack of all trade.... master of.... :D

dance4rain said...

Oh Kee,
It is winter there.... wondering when you want to migrate back to tropical country for the winter :D

Many things to keep you occupied. Just ask Allan.... he got many plans for you ;) no worries about getting bored :D

Anonymous said...

With the restriction for keeping Jambul lifted, i think Allan is starting to make some serious money. Send my best regard to him, please.

Did your French eggs hatch out?