Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jambul Competitions

I am no authority on Jambul competitions, but anyway that won't stop me from trying to say something :D
3 months ago when the 1st competition (1st meaning in a long long time) was held for the Red-whiskered Bulbul, it was kind of a culture shock for most people. The organisers are a group from Kelantan and is more familiar with their way of running a competition.

First, many were shocked that no roof is provided....
Secondly, the birds were expected to play under the sun....
Third, display is not taken into account....

Perhaps a video better explains it.

Birds are judged in a set of 2 for a window period of around 30 seconds.
At the time only 2 birds will be taken into consideration. The first whistle marks the beginning of the judging. Birds should sing for a minimum of 3 times to get 3 points. To get 4 points, it is suppose to sing 9 times ;)
This goes on for 4 rounds. Any tally in points will be fought out in the last determining round (fifth).

Today, there were 91 birds in the competition (1st comp - 39 birds, 2nd comp 50+ birds, so it is a vast improvement over time). It would grow further, no doubt..... only thing is that, there may have to be provisions for an alternative competition style so that a bigger mass of Jambul keepers are kept happy ;)

Chiku did well at 2nd placing.

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