Monday, January 23, 2012

Crossing Cage

Supanna, a Jambul I acquired on 16th Dec 2011 upon recommendation of the shop owner.... so far the form has been rising nicely. Today on the 1st day of Chinese New Year, I managed to find time to sun my flock of Jambuls.... from morning till 12pm as the lion dance troop was scheduled to visit at 11pm, it has to end at 12 noon to allow me time to cover them and bring them indoor in case they got frightened by the noise.

When the visit by the lion dance troop was postponed to the next day, I took the flock out again to enjoy some fresh air. Citra (a new and young Jambul) and Supanna was calling to each other frantically even though they were a distance from each other and blocked by 2 other cages. If both of them perform like this in the competition arena, then I am in for more prizes hehehe!
Which motivated me to work on the base of a new cage.... these Thai cages doesn't seem to come with trays, so a lot of D.I.Y. from scraps have to be done. Then comes another problem.... Supanna does not cross cage

And the latest update.... got a professional to do the base 😊

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