Monday, March 5, 2012

Breeding the colour mutations in Shama

I cannot describe in words.... I may have hit jackpot where colour mutation is concerned.
Below is a male, raised by a friend from taimong (juvenile) stage:

Then this is its sister.... raised from taimong that shows a little speck of white on her shoulder.

Initially my friend thought it could be due to inappropriate diet. But now we are quite sure this pair of sibblings have strong genetic expression for white feathering.
I plan to inbreed this pair. I think I might neglect some of my work and lose some sleep hahaha!
Been reading Napoleon Hill's "Outwitting the Devil" and I think it all clicks now ;)

Note: I have edited & removed the word leucistic as it has been wrongly termed as corrected by a friend. In case I have becone a perpetrator of misinformation ;)


DuongTM said...


I do hope that you will have fruitful result for this couple. It's always great when we had a genetic mutation. Good luck

BTW, need an advise from you. Even male and female shamas have been placed together for 2 weeks, the male is still aggresive to the hen. But if seperated, they're all calm down and even stand next to each other without problem

Thank you

dance4rain said...

Probably one of the birds is not ready. But if both are feeding well, I would leave them be and monitor.

Of course again, I must say my advise is not adequate. I say base on what I personally will do if in your position. Good luck.....

Things to look out will probably be territorial behaviour over food. If male refuse female food, then separation would be safer. If it is just half hearted chasing female away (which one of my birds do) it should still be alright.