Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guppies supplies

It is funny how these wild guppies are abundant but difficult to get from the shops. As an alternative, I have to become the fisherman for 10 minutes today. After a heavy downpour, a couple of friends showed me where they are in abundance. We spent maybe about 10 minutes or less and I have to rush home. We caught too many that if I don't rush home, they will perish. ;)

Next in line will be my order for catfish fries.... Which a shop claims he is able to secure. And a visit to a chicken farm may have to be scheduled to catch those pineapple beetles. Sigh! What we have to endure for our pets. Anyway, I am hoping for some good news from the birds soon.

Sent some Serama eggs to a friend last Thursday.... Hope they arrive undamaged.

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