Saturday, December 15, 2012

Trapping an escaped Shama

Was having breakfast with my kids today when I got a call from my mom....
a bird has escaped from the green cage.... gosh! that is a friend's bird.
Well, I had lost a few birds when they escaped, usually when I am not home. The crucial thing to protect them from is the cats and other fierce wild birds (i.e. crows and magpie robins). If things are peaceful, they usually make their way home.

So, hurrying up the kids through their breakfast, I made it home & realised it wasn't the bird from the green aviary, but the metal green cage. Its a relief, I don't mind that much losing my own birds, but other people's bird is always a burden :(
Finally spotted it on a Mata Kuching tree and devised a simple contraption with sticky latex that I usually have handy at home.

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