Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pied Shama

This specimen appears to be molting at the moment. Small feathers scattered on the cage floor. From observations, usually a bird will become calmer & more stable after a molt in captivity.


Anonymous said...

wow, very soon we gonna have pure white shama, forget 15" tail, this is better,
i would not sell this fellow even being offered 50k.

Cyberboyz1010 said...

Hi, are the eyes red? Looks nice and good luck on the breeding of the birds. Can have longer pied shama?

dance4rain said...

Pure white shamas with red eyes are albinism. Shamas with black eyes and black white markings are pied mutation. The long term aim is to produce 15" shamas with interesting pied markings.... it may remain an unfulfilled dream, but its the journey.... not the destination :)

Tobias Setya said...

rare edition