Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Protector

Wow! been more than a year since I last updated this blog. Probably because there is nothing interesting to write about. Many things happened.... that's life. But one constant in life has been dogs. There wasn't long stretches that I am without one. Most of the time not by a conscious, they just crosses my path. The last were a mother and son pit bull duo that passed away at age 13 and 14 respectively. The last year of their life seems to be the hardest for them.
Then a black Miniature Schnauzer came to fill the gap.... a tiny fella with a big dog attitude. She is the one keeping the birds safe. Sometimes going to extreme...

The usual rats

Sometimes the unfortunate wild birds

And in one surprising instance, 2 juvenile civet cats in one night/morning

Here is wishing her a long and happy life hunting in a little patch of garden :)

Just found the photo of the 2 civet cats, thought it might be a good idea to update with graphics.

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