Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Breeding the White-rumped Shama 1

1st of July 2008 will forever be marked as a dark day for me in my efforts to breed the White-rumped Shama. Not just any Shama, but a line of Shamas that is beautiful and has a powerful voice, bold and aggressive. The beautiful stud bird I have died due to drowning. This will probably set me back a few years in my quest to breed a good Shama.

It was raining heavily the night before and the acrylic aquarium that I place live food in was half filled with water. He must have drowned when attempting to feed from the aquarium. I got a friend to drill some holes in the aquarium. And hopefully, there will be no more accidents.

The sadness is immense when coupled with the fact that it is the first Shama casualty in my care. And it could have been avoided if only I practiced more foresight :(

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