Thursday, December 18, 2008

Apollo 6 (White-rumped Shama)

This is Apollo 6, last year's Tai Mong (juvenile). Still waiting for him to molt and change his second set of adult plumage. A few pin head feathers has appeared on his face, indicating that it should be very soon. I should be feeding him with lots of live food at the moment to facilitate his molt - hopefully I will come down to it soon hehehe! just me the procrastinator.

Originated from Endau, Johor, Apollo 6 is not a favoured Shama according to current trends due to his short and stiff tail. However, what he lacks in looks, he makes up with his willingness to sing anywhere, anytime. Therefore making a very reliable tutor bird for the other young ones. Him, being also considered a young Shama should be even better after his second molt.

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