Saturday, December 13, 2008

Local Merbok

The price of a bird is determined by a few factors, a rare species very often fetches a higher price than a common bird. However it is not always the case. A curious species to look at is the Merbok or Zebra Dove (a.k.a. Peaceful Dove), they are every where in South East Asia, a common bird found in the city, rural areas and even jungles.

These birds especially those that have been captive bred for their voice could fetch many thousands of Ringgit if certain criteria are met. The reasons must lie in the competitive nature of humans. And since everybody likes to win, the chase for a top competition bird naturally hikes up the price.

Often, the Merbok's wild cousin are overlooked just because their voice do not meet competition criteria (which is set by man anyway). After living with a wild local Merbok for a few months, I have grown fond of its voice. The natural wild call of the Doves - and it does varies from bird to bird but always distinctively "wild" song. The below can be considered a 2 step, with "angkatan" but no "kong" if I were to adopt competitive standards on him ;)

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