Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Minimalist method of bird keeping

A note about the Serindit that I am keeping. It is kept in a crude D.I.Y. wire mesh cage and maintenance is according to standard minimalist style I have observed most villagers practicing. All of my bird cages have a bottom with newspaper linings which are removed almost daily. The minimalist style I adopt for my Serindit is to let the bird's droppings free fall down hahahaha!

So, it is not an indoor kind of thing to practice. The Serindit's cage is normally hung in the garden (where it fertilises the lawn), up in the metal pole (meant for doves), in front of the cicken coup and above cement floor where the droppings are easily cleaned. So far, so good. The Serindit has learned to dance his comical display which shows a sign of being in "form", very hardworking and above all looks healthy.

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