Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Merbok

Came back from work and found a hatchling of the Zebra Dove (Merbok) in the incubator. So, now I can consider myself a Merbok breeder? hahahaha! This is a long story. The parents of the baby merbok actually belongs to a friend. He passed me the pair plus 2 unhatched eggs and a few weeks old baby with weak legs. I had no choice but to try incubating the eggs.

After a successful hatching of the first egg, I panicked as the baby is just too small and did not want to co-operate by opening its beak to be fed. After a few phone calls, then decided to try contacting a breeder of Tekukurs to try to find some Tekukur Jawa as foster parents.

Finally managed to arrange for fostering with a pair of Tekukur Jawa which belongs to Pakcik Awie. Transported the baby to his place by 10p.m. After placing the baby with another unhatched egg for the Tekukur Jawa to take care, sat down with Pakcik Awie and chit chat over a glass of tea. Saw a nice cage made by his friend and bought it. Would be good for training Merbok pikat for ground use (pacak tanah). Thats me "pantang" got new "toy" hehehe! Made arrangement to borrow his Tekukur pikat with a broken wing. Reputed to be worth RM1k before the wing got broken due to an accident.

Not to mention an hour in the morning putting up hooks for Mata Putehs at the padang, trimming some of the branches and "roti canai" breakfast with Mr Wee. One of those hectic hobby related days ;)

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