Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pikat Merbok 3 in 1

Borrowed a "pikat" from a friend. This bird has been loaned from friend to friend. Last I heard a young kampung chap was riding a motorbike with this fella perched on the handle bar going around catching wild merboks. That is how tame this little fella
is. When reached home, have to make a quick improvised little perch to put him on. And he stays on the perch for hours......

He is fondly called a 3 in 1 pikat because, reputedly he is good with various method of catching merboks. Placed in "jebak" (traditional trap), "jebak tonggok" (open air trap) and on ground (much like the way people catch Tekukur). Now must find time to test him out only ;)

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