Friday, March 27, 2009

Teaching a Zosterop to take dry pellets

I took for granted that a wild caught Zosterop would automatically learn how to eat pellets. It nearly died (a wild one that I caught in my garden). Fortunately I have the habbit of giving fruits and honey generously. He must have survived on these items ;)

When he got a bit fluffy, I transfered him to stay with an old Zosterop that has been with me probably close to 2 years now. Good to observe that they don't fight and seen in the footage their very sociable nature. I think it is called allopreening or something.... must check up on the term.

I have separated them at this point as he has learned to eat well and is his bubbly self again. He mid tones quite a lot, so confirm a male.

warning: watching the video may get some people upset about keeping birds alone in cages

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