Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting Back Apollo 6

The story of Apollo 6......
Actually I sold him off due to space constraint. Its either him or the Grik Tai Mong which I did not come round to give a name. Anyway, buyer has problem of coaxing him to bath, so to make a long story short, I exchange him with the Grik Tai Mong.

When I reached home, the first thing I did was transfer him to a bathing cage. Tossed a cockroach in and off he went into the bathing cage seeking after the cockroach. Bathing at this juncture is important as Apollo 6 looks a bit stressed out and I was told he wasn't singing the day before.

Apollo 6 getting his morsel of treat in the bath cage:

Then he just sat there in the bathing cage looking stupid. Time for spraying - sprinkled some water on Apollo 6 and finally he picked up the courage (or the concept of bathing) to test the water.... washing his beak first and then finally plunge his whole body into the water tray. Phew!.... what a relief. After getting him into his cage, I decided to hang it in the kitchen where I can monitor more closely.

The only sound he made thus far is the tick ticking sound of a Shama. Gave him a few more roaches and called it a night.

The next day, I bath him in the evening again. This time no need spraying. He bath well on his own although he still need his treat to cross cage.
That night, I heard his mid-tone. I am relieved. He is gaining back his confidence. I do not bath my Shamas daily, but Apollo 6 just need the extra attention for the mean time.

Today, Apollo sang more loudly and he was treated to another bath and hang up to dry in the garden. He looks more confident now and he sang for a long period of time. Although not yet at his loudest volume, I think he is ready for "chai" this coming Sunday ;)

He may yet spring a surprise at our weekly meet ;)

Apollo 6, singing while drying himself on a cloudy evening sky:

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