Monday, March 16, 2009

Stock Reduction

Was away today to K.L., came back home in the evening and saw the newly caught Puteh wasn't feeling too o.k. Forgot to teach him how to eat pellets. Did provide him honey, fruits and dry pellets yesterday but apparently it wasn't enough. Placed him together with a very tame Puteh in order for him to observe that the dry pellets are edible stuff. Hope all will be well. I do not like birds to die in my care.

This brings me to a periodic stock reduction. Have been trying to reduce stock many times now. But from today onwards, must be seriously considering it.

1) Female White-rumped Shama (Medusa) to be released in Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest. She should be able to fend for herself there.
2) Merboks (Zebra Doves) - hmmmm.... hard decision.
3) Tekukur (Spotted Doves) - I think must let go the female to someone who is keen to breed from her.
4) Murai Kampung (Magpie) - 1 remaining but is molting at the moment. Will need to release him after the molt then.
5) Mata Puteh (Oriental White Eye) - just gave 2 away yesterday.
6) Hmmmm...... who else eh?

One thing about giving away birds. I do not give to people unknown to me. I do not give to people who I think will sell them. I do not give to people that I doubt their ability to take care of them. So, giving away birds is not so easy.

Freeing them is a very viable option. Although many of my friends argue that they may not be able to fend for themselves. It may be true for some species, but I think they are quite intelligent and adapts well. They will learn to survive (from what I learn from some of the very experienced bird keepers).

One reason why I like to keep local birds. No risk of introducing non indigenous species to the wild ;)

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