Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Apollo 6

Transfered Apollo 6 to a 15" Magpie cage for easy transport. Now come to think of it, he needs at least 18" for room to play. Anyway, he did not disappoint on the hard working side at the padang last Sunday. However, the competitors are on the quiet side though ;) not in their peak form yet, so he can still be king for the time being.

Below is Apollo 6 at night. The other Shama is a recording of Slick which belongs to Andy Doan from U.S. I used it to tease him a little bit.

Somebody offered to exchange him for a 7"+ bird at the padang but I have to decline. All Shamas are molting at the moment. He is the only playable one left. Anyway, I have free flying plans for him later after I solve the cats problem.

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