Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tagging of Wild Birds (3)

Caught a Yellow-vented Bulbul just now. Lucky I spotted him early as a black cat was eyeing him already when entangled in the net. Quite difficult to remove him as he worked himself into an entangled mess. After suffering some bites from this fella. Not to mention his sharp claws digging into my flesh, I managed to get him disentangled.

Fitted a ring on his leg as shown in the picture.

The release:

Also caught today is a Mata Puteh that wanders by when I am bathing my birds. Will keep this fella first as he has a big long body.

And also started experiment on "ubat tekan" today on Yusuf's B Merbok.
Will probably dose day 1, day 4, day 7 and thereafter weekly dose depending on response. Out of curiosity and to indulge the sadistic streak in me hahahaha!

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