Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Male Chicken with female colouring

The above are pictures of the latest addition to my flock of chickens.
The earlier 4 Red Jungle Fowl (RJF) babies are quite big already and I think is of suitable age to be released in the jungle. They are on the tame side though, so unlike my Green Jungle Fowl.

Anyway, back to the above chicken, ah! this is one that I could keep with peace of mind as it does not resemble the RJF, so there is no issue of keeping protested animals involved. At least I do not have to argue that it is not the original, one look and they will know for sure. Rumours has it that some of these female feathered chickens could make very good "pikat" to catch the wild chickens. There could possibly be some logic to it as the wild chickens will tend to be less intimidated by a female looking chicken but at the same time agitated by its male crowing sound. Maybe they would find that irresistible to explore ;)

Don't know what to do with him at the moment. Just let him roam free until the neighbours complain I suppose hehehe!

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