Monday, July 6, 2009

Herbs for the Zebra Doves

Last Sunday, I acquired a pair of "black" Merboks from the competition ground, the variety that is darker in colour and have stripes across their chest. Actually was just looking at them and enquired about their prices. No deal was made.

On my way home, the seller manage to call me. He got my number from some friends who were still there. Deal was clinched over the phone and a good friend paid on my behalf and took the birds home. To cut a story short, on the second day, I noticed one of them is extremely tame, feather fluffy and inactive. I contacted a friend who operates a bird shop (come to think of it, I regard all bird shop keepers as friends hehehe!) and he so kindly showed me what herbs to give the sick bird. I do not know of any other name for the herbs, but in Chinese it is called "Chuan Xing Nian" or something like that (hey! I don't learn Hanyu Pinyin in school)

The below is a sample which I have planted at home:

According to the shop keeper, this herbs work wonders. He is very sure I would get a good response the very next day. He told me to feed 2 or 3 leaves. However, I fed only 1 leave (as its too big - 1 can make into 2 mung beans size pellet). I do think it is effective as the bird seems to look better the following day and I gave him another dose. On the 3rd and 4th day, I supplemented with a dose of commercially prepared herbs from Indonesia (brand: Larasati) for good measure.

Glad to report that the bird seems to be recovering well. The bird is fully covered for the whole treatment duration as it is quite windy these few days.

The other "black merbok" sprang a surprise yesterday. I normally put a merbok in a "jebak" trap so that I can thoroughly clean its cage. When I placed this new bird into a jebak, he hungrily ate the canary seeds inside and started singing (if you can call the doves' call a song hahaha!).

Not bad, first day in a jebak and he sings. Could be my future super "pikat". ;)


Well, since I am learning about herbal remedies for birds, I might as well expand my scope to cover myself. I am trying out the plant below. Don't know its name. Its a thorny plant with broad leaves. The leaves are plucked and dried in the sun. I drink it like Chinese Tea. It makes a nice tasting bitter tea. Suppose to improve vitality, detox and helps as a catalyst when combined with certain herbs. I mix it with some herbs I bought from traditional medicine shops (harvested from wild plants that grows in high altitude areas like Cameron Highland).
So far, am enjoying the tea. Whether it makes any health difference is another matter hehehe! Considered a bonus if it improves health and vitality ;)

Below is sapling of the plant. It could grow into a tall bush when allowed:

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