Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Articles For Sale

Hehehe! time for a commercial break:

The above item is made by a friend and he would like to commercialise it. Wholesale enquiries are welcomed. Contact me: dance4rain@yahoo.com and I shall put you in touch. I have bought one for myself.

It is a popular equipment for bird trappers and comes in several designs depending on locality. It is used to carry the Spotted Dove on trapping excursions. The woven rattan allows free passage of air and a peek of the outside world for the bird. A sturdy design and make often doubles as a stool for the trapper to sit on while waiting for the wild bird to come.

The above design has an upper compartment for trapping peripherals like pundi (a small cloth bag), racik (lasso like device) and anything the trapper could think of. I do not know the names of half of the things they use ;)

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