Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Shamas at home

A bird I kept from a juvenile. Purportedly from Grik, an area well known for good Shamas. He has since been re-homed.

Apollo 6: Kept from a juvenile and was sold off once and given away once. For some reasons, he was returned to me. Looks like I have to spare a license to keep him till the after world beckons him ;)

Zeus: Shown in his bathing cage. Acquired him when he is around 4 years plus old (so the story goes). He has his origins from the forest of Rompin. A fun fella to have around.

A black feet Shama that comes from the area of Baling, a place near to Grik if my geographical memory does not fail me ;) Many things have been mentioned about the "black feet" feature of such Shamas. I suppose nobody can conclusively determine the truth or myth of it. In my opinion, that is the fun part of it all.... a little pinch of myth, a sprinkle of legend and a large dose of exaggeration, wow! that will certainly make my day ;)

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